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The Algorithm, Transitions & Marketing in Germany

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🧮 The Algorithm
✂️ Transitions
🇩🇪 Marketing

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🧮 The Algorithm

The TikTok algorithm is what the recipe was in Coca-Cola times. It is a secret. There are some obvious hints, a lot of guessing and trying things out. Why is the bloody algorithm important at all? Well, TikTok relies on the algorithm to surface compelling content. It is not constrained by your social network. The crucial piece is that TikTok isn’t really a social network. You can follow people but you do not need to. You can just check the #ForYou feed.

Last month TikTok revealed how it recommends videos on the #ForYou feed. The recommendations are based on a number of factors, including:

  • User interactions 

  • Video information

  • Device and account settings 

Okay, no proper magic to be found here. In order to maximize the outreach of your TikToks keep in mind:

  • Each video counts independently

  • Aligning with trending interests will help you connect with more users

  • Having viewers watch your clips to completion may help 🏄‍♀️

Jason Derulo called „King of TikTok“ by some, says that consistency is key: On TikTok, it's about posting repeatedly. He sets a goal to post somewhere between four and six TikToks a day.


Yeah, alright. But what about that secret algorithm? Maybe it looks something like this:

Metrics for success concerning to “Streetwear Brand Owner and Author” KingKhieu are:

  • Rewatch

  • Completion

  • Shares

  • Comments

  • Likes.

It all comes down to watchtime. And that makes sense. The most valuable thing you have is your attention and your time. If you spend it on watching one TikTok over and over again it seems to have way more relevance than the other 99 ones that you just skipped.

✂️ Transitions

One way to hold the viewers attention and to increase the watchtime are transitions. There is an actual effect section in the TikTok app dedicated to transitions like Circle, Rotate, Scroll, Horizon, Vertical, Slip, Countdown, Zoom In, but the real deal is coming up with your very own ideas on how to use your body, the camera, your hands, objects or anything else to win the viewers attention again and again and again.

One transition expert happens to be the man with the most TikTok followers in germany: Falco Punch. He says that he sometimes spends 7 hours for a 15 second TikTok. I took one of his most seen videos, cut it in pieces and then i slowed it down to show you one (!) of his tricks.

In fact it is not THAT complicated. Just two videos. And some movement. But if you combine it with a lot of other stuff and speed it up it, it does the trick. Here is a similar approach by TikTokBibel. Now, try this at home kids.

🇩🇪 Marketing

Brands worldwide discover TikTok as a marketing tool. Here is The Ultimate Guide to TikTok Marketing. It is actually not that ultimate. Unless you have never ever heard about the TikTok algorithm taking into account multiple indicators. See above.

The German publication Horizont has an article on german brands using TikTok: Wie deutsche Marken TikTok am besten für sich nutzen können It was written by Kevin Tewe who runs the influencer marketing agency All In. Worth to check out the exclusive artists listed to get an idea about the current status of German influencers.

German brands best cases as suggest in the article:

  1. Congstar https://www.tiktok.com/@congstar

  2. Ahoi-Brause https://www.tiktok.com/@ahojbrause_official

  3. Aldi Nord https://www.tiktok.com/@aldinord

  4. Kaufland https://www.tiktok.com/@kauflanddeutschland

  5. Red Bull Germany https://www.tiktok.com/@redbullgermany

  6. Deutsche Telekom https://www.tiktok.com/@deutschetelekom?

Well. I`d rather recommend The Official Pantene on Elite Tiktok

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